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About Atlas 

Atlas stands as an industry specialist with a laser focus on PERM Labor Certification advertising. This singular dedication has sharpened our expertise, ensuring that each campaign we undertake is a showcase of precision within the strict confines of PERM regulations. Our strategic media planning is a testament to our ability to target the precise audience, a critical component in the PERM process.

This focused specialization is what sets Atlas apart, making us the preeminent choice for employers seeking perfection in compliance and execution.

Our Story

Welcome to Atlas, the epitome of precision in PERM Labor Certification Advertising. Our inception is rooted in a commitment to excellence. As the landscape of PERM cases expanded, so did the necessity for a service that could rise to the occasion without inflating costs.

In an industry where perfection is not just desired but required, we observed a gap between what was offered and the pinnacle of service that clients deserved.Atlas was created to bridge this gap, to deliver unmatched execution in PERM advertising synonymous with the elite standards of top-tier law firms, all while maintaining a cost-conscious approach


The domain of PERM labor certification advertising is fraught with challenges that demand a specialized focus. Atlas stands at the forefront of this niche, recognizing the critical nature of compliance within PERM regulations—a realm where precision is non-negotiable and the margin for error is nonexistent.

The complexity of labor market testing requirements mandates adherence to strict timelines, from the initial job order to the final placement of ads, with no room for deviation.

Our Vision

Commitment to Excellence

Solution-Driven Approach


Reliable Expectations

Driven by Passion

Upholding the Gold Standard

PERM Recruitment, perm dol processing times, perm processing timelines

The Team

Milow Leblanc

Marketing Director

Professional Background:

Milow specializes in brand development, SEO optimization, content creation and AI specialization. His career spans four-years, during which he has orchestrated multiple successful initiatives aimed at driving brand growth and engagement. His expertise in launching cutting-edge, AI-driven marketing campaigns across various channels has notably increased revenue by 15% and boosted engagement by 20%.

Mission Statement and Values:

Milow is driven by curiosity and connection, creating meaningful relationships through storytelling and technology. This is the foundation of every campaign at Atlas and guarantees that each project surpasses client expectations.

Interests and Hobbies:

Outside the office, Milow is passionate about 3D animation and storytelling, which enriches his creative approach in marketing. Additionally, he enjoys hugging trees and finding new nature spots to exp

lore, and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

PERM Recruitment, perm dol processing times, perm processing timelines

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Miranda Reed

Operations Director 

Professional Background:

Miranda holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Saint Mary’s College and brings over 8 years of extensive experience in program management to Atlas Advertising Agency. Her expertise lies in creating efficient workflows and implementing rigorous program governance, which has been pivotal in streamlining our processes and ensuring that our agency operates at peak efficiency.

Mission Statement and Values:

Miranda is driven by the belief that achieving exceptional results demands creativity, adaptability, and a proactive approach to problem-solving. She places a strong emphasis on innovation and thrives in dynamic work environments. This philosophy not only drives her strategic decisions but also aligns with Atlas Advertising Agency's commitment to excellence.

Interests and Hobbies:

Beyond her professional role, Miranda finds fulfillment in gardening, a pursuit that enhances her skills in patience, perseverance, and meticulous attention to detail. She also enjoys embroidery, kite-flying, and hiking, activities that contribute to maintaining a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.

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