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Atlas Advertising is dedicated to providing end-to-end support in advertising for recruitment. From the initial consultation to the successful completion of your SWA job order, we're here to ensure the PERM process is efficient and free from stress.

End-to-End PERM Advertisement Support

Our team meticulously documents each step of the process, providing you with the necessary records for PERM audit purposes. We ensure that every aspect of your SWA job order aligns perfectly with DOL regulations, thereby mitigating the risk of potential compliance issues.

Meticulous PERM Advertisement Documentation for DOL Compliance

Understanding the significance of geographic specificity, we ensure that your job orders are placed with the SWA in the state where the job is located. Whether your job is in a bustling city or a rural area, we tailor our approach to maximize exposure to the right candidate pool.

Strategic PERM Advertising for Targeted Recruiting

PERM Recruitment, perm dol processing times, perm processing timelines

We handle the entire process of placing job orders with the appropriate State Workforce Agency. Our expertise ensures that your job orders meet all the specific criteria set by the DOL, from the job description to the duration of the posting.

Comprehensive SWA Job Order Management for PERM Advertising

At Atlas Advertising, we specialize in navigating the complexities of the PERM labor certification process, particularly in managing State Workforce Agency (SWA) job orders. Our service ensures your compliance with the Department of Labor's stringent PERM requirements.

Efficient State Workforce Agency (SWA)  Services for PERM Compliance

PERM Advertising for State Workforce Agency

Featured Services

Expertly place your immigration ads in leading newspapers, ensuring compliance and targeted reach for PERM certification


Reliably place your immigration ads with SWA, ensuring precise compliance with regional PERM advertising regulations and reaching key local markets

State Workforce Agency

Strategically place ads in niche trade journals, connecting your message with industry-specific audiences for effective immigration campaigns

Professional Journals

Place impactful radio ads that meet immigration advertising requirements, reaching diverse audiences effectively.

Radio Advertisement

Efficiently place your recruitment ads on top online job boards, maximizing visibility and compliance for immigration purposes.

Online Advertising 

  • How Long Will It Take DOL To Process A PERM Application?
    Through electronic filing and the audit-based adjudication process, DOL reports that “clean” applications take less than 60 days to adjudicate. In users’ experience, applications may be processed very quickly – sometimes in less than a week – but normally take 60-90 days. Processing times for audited cases also vary, with some being decided quickly and others not processed for months.
  • How long is PERM advertising?
    The job ad needs to be active for at least 30 consecutive days (including weekends).
  • What information do we need to provide when requesting a quote for services?
    Please provide the ad text and specify the services requested. If you have specific media sources in mind, please mention them. If you're unsure, we can provide recommendations.
  • What is PERM advertising?
    Advertising the job position is a crucial step in the PERM process. The main objective is to vet the employer to make sure that hiring foreign talent does not displace domestic workers who could otherwise occupy the position.
  • What Print Ads Are Required Under PERM?
    Prior to filing an application for labor certification, an employer must place two advertisements on two different Sundays in a newspaper of general circulation in the area of intended employment. For higher-level positions requiring experience and an advanced degree, the employer may use an advertisement in a professional journal in place of one of the Sunday ads. Both ads must have been placed more than 30 days, but not more than 180 days, before filing, and may be placed on consecutive Sundays. The ad must list the name of the employer, the geographic area of employment (only if the job site is unclear, e.g., if applicants respond to a location other than the job site or if the employer has multiple job sites), and a description of the position specific enough to apprise U.S. workers of the job opportunity.
  • How are tearsheets delivered?
    After the PERM advertising cycle is complete, Atlas will deliver an e-tear package of all ads included in your requisition.
  • What is the prevailing wage determination?
    The PWD is the wage that the U.S. DOL has deemed to be appropriate for this particular position in your geographic location.
  • What Is PERM?
    PERM is a system through which employers can hire a foreign national by submitting an application electronically or by mail to DOL in which they attest that they have taken certain steps to recruit U.S. workers and that they have been unable to locate a qualified U.S. worker for the position. Employers will be responsible for documenting their compliance with the recruitment steps enumerated in the regulations, but they will only submit that documentation to DOL if DOL chooses to audit their applications.
  • Is prepayment required?
    Yes, prepayment is required. We will provide you with a payment form that should be submitted along with your approval to proceed with the ad.
  • How much does an advertisement cost?
    The cost of placing a PERM ad depends on the word count and the city where the position is offered. Once you provide your ad text to your Atlas representative, we will contact newspaper representatives to obtain an accurate quote.
  • How many radio spots should we run?
    While there are no specific regulations regarding the required number of radio spots, we recommend a minimum of 2 spots.
  • Can you suggest newspapers for advertising if I'm unsure?
    Absolutely! Based on our extensive experience and industry research, Atlas is happy to provide suggestions on which newspapers to advertise in.
  • Can we initiate the 2 Sunday ads over a holiday weekend?
    There are no regulations regarding this matter, but many of our clients prefer to avoid starting the PERM recruitment cycle over holidays.
  • How long should online ads run?
    Typically, most of our clients have online ads running for a period of 7 to 30 days.
  • Do you capture screenshots of the online ads?
    We capture screenshots on the first and last days when the online ads are active.
  • How long does the SWA ad need to be active?
    According to regulations, SWA (State Workforce Agency) ads need to be active online for a duration of 30 days.
  • What happens during the recruitment process, and how long does it take?
    The recruitment process involves the employer conducting a thorough search for qualified U.S. workers. This includes job postings, advertisements, and other recruitment activities. The recruitment process typically takes 2-3 months, including a 30-day job posting period and time for resume reviews.
  • What should I do if my PERM application is selected for audit?
    If your PERM application is selected for audit, it means the DOL requires additional information to verify the details of your application. This can extend the processing time by several months. It is crucial to respond promptly and accurately to any audit requests to avoid further delay
  • How long does the Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD) take?
    The PWD process currently takes approximately 6-7 months. This step involves the Department of Labor (DOL) determining the appropriate wage for the job based on its location and required experience level.
  • What factors can affect the PERM processing time?
    Several factors can influence the PERM processing time, including: Volume of applications: High volumes can lead to longer processing times. Completeness and accuracy of the application: Incomplete or inaccurate applications can result in delays. DOL backlogs: Periods of high demand can create backlogs at the DOL. Potential audits: If the application is selected for audit, this can significantly extend the processing time.
  • What is the timeline for filing the I-140 petition after PERM certification?
    Once the PERM application is certified, the I-140 petition is typically filed within 2-3 weeks. The processing time for the I-140 petition is 4-6 months under regular processing, but premium processing is available for expedited service.
  • Can I check the status of my PERM application online?
    Only employers or authorized attorneys can check the status of a PERM application through the DOL's case management system. Applicants cannot directly check the status online but can receive updates from their employer or attorney
  • What is the typical timeline for the PERM process?
    The PERM process generally involves several stages, each with its own timeline: Prevailing Wage Determination (PWD): 6-7 months Recruitment Process: 2-3 months PERM Application Processing: 13 months I-140 Petition: 4-6 months (with premium processing available)
PERM Recruitment, perm dol processing times, perm processing timelines

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